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Towarzystwo Promocji Dzieci Utalentowanych Muzycznie (Associacion for Promotion of Musically Tallented Children) and Zespół Szkół Muzycznych nr 2 im. W. Kilara w Rzeszowie (Wojciech Kilar School of Music Complex in Rzeszów)
are the organizers of the


which will be held on the

15th and 16th June 2009

in the Concert Hall in the building of the Zespół Szkół Muzycznych nr 2 im. W. Kilara in Rzeszow

The competition is open to the musical students of any nationality from every Music School born between January 1st 1992 and December 31st 1997. The contestants are divided into 3 categories :

1st CATEGORY - born in 1997 and younger
2nd CATEGORY - born in 1994 and younger
3rd CATEGORY - born in 1992 and younger

Maximum performance time must be:

1st CATEGORY - 10 minutes
2nd CATEGORY - 15 minutes
3rd CATEGORY - 20 minutes

Repertoire required

Each participating school is allowed to be represented by no more than 3 candidates in each category. However the organizers may grant permission for more participants. All travelling expenses, as well as board and lodging of competitors and their teachers will be covered by participants themselves or by the participated schools .

The enrolment fee of 50 PLN is to be paid into the following bank account:
account name:
Rada Rodziców przy Zespole Szkół Muzycznych nr 2 im. W. Kilara w Rzeszowie
bank name:
PKO BP I/O Rzeszów
account number:
56 1020 4391 0000 6402 0002 0768

The deadline for submitting the application form and a confirmation of the enrolment fee is
March 31st, 2010

Application forms must be sent to the following address :

Zespół Szkół Muzycznych nr 2 im W. Kilara
ul. J. III Sobieskiego 15
35-002 Rzeszów

All the participants will be given a copy of the competition programme. If the application form is sent after the deadline, the contestant's name will not be included in the programme. The top three prize winners in each of the categories will be awarded a prize.

The Jury will be composed of well-known pianists and music teachers from Academies of Music.

Application Form

A workshop for participants in the competition

A workshop for all the competitors will be held on May 24th, 2010 in ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ MUZYCZNYCH NR 2 IM.W.KILARA in Rzeszów. It will be led by Professor Edward Wolanin from the University of Music in Warsaw, Poland.

For further information, please contact our secretary's office: E-mail: nutka@zetorz.com.pl, phone: +48 508 269 407 (contact person: G. Lobodzinski), fax: +48 17 748 29 96